KK goes Cooperative

As part of efforts to deepen participation among members of Kuapa Kokoo, the Union has undergone a restructuring exercise to ensure better services to its members. This resulted from a resolution by members at the 21st Annual Delegates Conference in Kumasi.

The new structure is akin to the previous 3 tier structure which operated at the community level, District and Nationals. However, all 57 Societies (previously called Districts) have been independently registered. This means that decision making authority has been further devolved to the sub-structures to enhance participation at the grass roots.The Zonal Level (previously called Societies) are still recognized as a means to mobilize members under the societies. 

To ensure transparent and judicious use of funds, the new structure also introduces a Control committee independent of the National Executive Committee to monitor the use of funds. It is anctipated that the new structure will ensure improved compliance to certification requirement, improved ownership, improved commitment, increased transparency and
increased accountability.

The Department of cooperatives, the recognized government agency for registering and regulating the affairs of coops has visited each zone and conducted training on the cooperative principles and values to all members. It has also  registered the Union and all 57 affiliate societies as cooperatives under the Cooperative Societies decree of 1968 (NLCD 252) and Co-operative Societies Regulations, 1968 (L.I. 604). The Union has now adopted the name, Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Limited (KKFU).