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Kuapa Kokoo Governance Structure

Kuapa Kokoo is an amalgamated co-operative organization which has subsidiaries under the main umbrella body Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Cocoa Cooperative and Marketing Union Limited (KKFU), whose objectives are to empower small-scale cocoa producers, enhance female participation in the decision-making process through gender mainstreaming, and encourage environmentally sustainable production. The three sub-units are:

Kuapa Kokoo is a truly democratic organization. The Union operates a 3 tier governance structure with the Zonal Executive Committee (ZEC) at the community level; Society Executive Council (SEC) at the District level and National Executive Council (NEC) who are elected by a National Assembly to formulate policies at the National level. In 2015, the Union adopted a new structure to strengthen farmer commitment, ownership and transparency as well as to further deepen grass root participation in decision making.


Kuapa Kokoo Limited – the commercial and trading wing, a private company accredited as a Licensed Buying Company (LBC) and authorized to carry out cocoa purchasing activities throughout the country. It provides a range of training programmes and services such as subsidized agricultural inputs.

Kuapa Kokoo Farmers’ Trust – a trust fund which receives certification Premium and other funds intended for farmers and their communities and uses them to provide social infrastructure and income generation for farmers.

Divine Chocolate – formerly known as Day Chocolate, a UK chocolate company set up by Kuapa Kokoo, Twin, Body Shop and other partners, which markets chocolate products made from Kuapa Kokoo cocoa. Kuapa Kokoo owns a 45% share in the company and has two elected representatives on the Board.

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