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Our partners

We believe partnering with top-notched organisations and companies can go a long way to benefit our farmers. By leveraging on exposure and mutual strengths, we are able to bring the best to our farmers in everyway.

Fair Trade

WHAT FAIR TRADE MEANS Fairtrade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and it is based on partnership between producers and consumers.

Twin Trading

Twin Trading was founded in 1985 with the aim of strengthening the position of marginalised producers within the trading Chain. TWIN is a leading alternative trading company based in London.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief is a charity organisation based in London. Their vision is "a just world free from poverty”. Comic Relief believes that farmers should be properly rewarded in order to improve their well-being and have therefore supported Kuapa Kokoo financially over the years.

Trading Visions

Trading visions is a London based charity working to educate the UK public about the injustices faced by small-scale producers, with a focus on Fairtrade and cocoa farmers.

Millennium Promise Alliance

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