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Kuapa Kokoo Limited

Kuapa Kokoo Limited (KKL) is a licensed cocoa buying company owned by the Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union. It is the commercial and trading wing of the Union which operates efficiently to provide the farmers with the best services, better price and a share in its profits. The company is managed by professionals who are non-farmers employed by the Board of Directors of the Company to work on its behalf. There is the Managing Director who oversees the management of the various departments.

KKL is made up of the following Departments:

1. Operations Department – The Operations department buys good quality cocoa from the farmers at their village societies and sees to it that the cocoa is graded and sealed and safely transported to the take over points of the cocoa markeitng company. It is headed by the Operations Manager

2. Accounts Department – This department sources for funds needed to buy cocoa from the farmers. It provides financial informaiton to management periodically to facilitate the prudent management of KKL.

3. Administration – The Administration is responsible for all communications within the organisation. It is also responsible for personnel management It is headed by the Administrative Manager.

4. Research and Development Department – This department works to improve the organisation and operation of the primary societies through education and training. It ensures that the principles and values of the Union are kept and practised by members. It is headed by the Research and Development Manager.

5. Internal Audit – It is responsible for internal controls of the organisation. It ensures that there is budgetary descipline. It is headed by the internal Auditor

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