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Divine Chocolate


Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union in its bid to increase profits from their cocoa , as well as their knowldege of the chocolate market, decided to establish a company to market their own brand of chocolate in Europe and America.

In October 1998 Twin Trading and Kuapa Kokoo together with the Body Shop and with support from Christian-Aid and Comic Relief, founded the then Day Chocolate Company (DCC) in the UK.

KKFU’s shares in DCC increased to 45% after the body Shop donated their shares in the company to Kuapa. Two elected farmer representatives sit on the Board of Divine Chocolate Company Limited.

Divine Chocolate uses quality cocoa beans from Kuapa Kokoo to make delicious range of chocolate products available in ten countries worldwide. As well as sharing in the profits, members of Kuapa have a say in how the Chocolate Company is managed.

In February 2007, Divine set up a branch in the USA.

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