About Us

Kuapa Kokoo is a cocoa farmers' co-operative organisation in Ghana registered under the Co-operative Societies decree of 1968 (NLCD 252) and Co-operative Societies Regulations, 1968 (L.I. 604) as a co-operative Union. The Union has 57 registered Societies and over 1,200 Zones (communities) under these Societies.

How Kuapa Kokoo was formed

Nana Frimpong Abebrese - Founder of Kuapa KokooKuapa Kokoo was formed in 1993 after the structural adjustment programme (SAPs) of Ghana led to the partial liberalization of the internal trading of cocoa. Led by Nana Frimpong Abebrese and with support from NGOs like TWIN, SNV, Christian Aid; Kuapa Kokoo Limited was established to participate in the internal trading of cocoa.

Kuapa formed an umbrella organisation called Kuapa Kokoo Farmers' Union (KKFU) and gained the Fairtrade Certification staus in 1995 to supply good quality and ethically produced cocoa beans to the Fairtrade market. This made Kuapa Kokoo the first Fairtrade-certified small-holder farmers' organisation in West Africa and currently the largest Fairtrade-certified cocoa co-operative worldwide.

Democracy is one of the important pillars upon which the Union thrives; hence it has been operating with the co-operative principles and values since its inception in 1995. However, members of the Union resolved to register the Union as a co-operative organisation in the year 2015. The Union was re-structured and recognized by the Department of Co-operatives in Ghana as a co-operative Union and called Kuapa Kokoo Co-operative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union (KKFU) Limited in the same year.

Our vision is to become a leading, caring, efficient and the most globally recognised cooperative in cocoa production and marketing in Ghana.

"Kuapa Kokoo seeks to develop itself into a formidable farmer-based organisation capable of mobilising quality cocoa products, improving the livelihood of members and satisfying customers."

- Transparency
- Democracy
- Equity
- Commitment 
- Care for Community