Economic and Social Empowerment

Kuapa Kokoo Gender Programme

Kuapa Kokoo has demonstrated a commitment since 1996 to supporting participation and empowerment of women. This had shown a positive impact across the different levels of the organization and within households.  


Kuapa Kokoo  at 20 is more committed than ever to the gender programme and  In 2013 the AGM voted to establish gender sub-committees in all districts to raise awareness about the need for gender equality and the empowerment of women with Kuapa Kokoo members across the District



The programme currently has 43 organized women groups in 13 districts with a total membership of 831


On-going Activities


  1. Capacity building

Members are trained in leadership to increase their participation as members and leaders of producer co-op


  1. Income generating projects

The programme also Train and support women to develop alternative viable income generating activity and to provide members with leadership experience.


  1. Credit Facility

The programme has a small revolving loan fund from which members can access loans to undertake income-generating activities to support their income from cocoa, which is seasonal


On-going projects supporting the KK Gender Programme


  1. Pilot adult literacy

This is to improve farmers literacy to enable them read and write simple arithmetic. The lessons are guided to pass on basic management skills to learners. (Funded by PS&D)


  1. Leadership Training

Cascaded leadership training to a selected woman member of each society. (Funded by WIEGO)

International Day of Coops

20th Annual Delegates Conference & National Elections

About us

When internal marketing of cocoa was liberalized in Ghana, a group of farmers led by Nana Frimpong Abrebrese established Kuapa Kokoo as a farmer’s cooperative in 1993 with assistance from Twin Limited UK . Two years later, the union received its first Fairtrade certification. The cooperative works at improving the social, economic and political wellbeing of its members. Kuapa Kook. .

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